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Your members are in good hands. 

Providing More Value to Your Membership

Association Health Plans (AHP) ban small businesses together into one large group for better benefits and reduced costs. Bailey Risk Management will provide your members with exceptional benefits, technology, and HR services. 

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AHP Benefits

Bailey Risk Management develops solutions for end to end program development including high-quality benefits, consulting, communication, marketing, technology, administration, and member support. 

Our programs are designed to offer your members more and better benefit choices while reducing costs. 

Association Health Plans can include medical, dental, vision, life, critical illness, accident, and disability insurance plans, and more.  

Bringing Experts Together

At Bailey Risk Management, our team is backed by decades of award-winning consulting, benefits administration, and customer support. 

We work closely with your Association Board to learn more about your membership and customize your program. We bring together the best insurance companies and technology providers to exceed your expectations. 


Our widely acclaimed solutions reflect our ability to creatively respond to the unique objectives of each Association while incorporating high standards for quality, technical competence, and cost control.

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AHP News & Resources


What are AHPs?

Simply stated, an Association Health Plan is a group health plan where multiple employers join together to offer benefits so they can reduce costs and increase choices. 


Are AHPs compliant?

Under ERISA, an AHP is both a group health plan and a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA). This resource provides an overview of AHPs' compliance requirements.

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Do AHPs save money?

Yes, AHPs can lower costs for members. By joining small businesses together into one large group, you have more negotiating power and access to benefits. 

Let's Connect

We want to learn more about your Association and how we can help you provide exceptional benefits to your members.  


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