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Custom-built for your business.

Provided at no cost to you.

All-In-One Benefits, HR and Compliance

HR software that makes running a business easier.

Provided at no cost and custom-designed with you in mind.


Fully-Customizable HR Technology System 

Automate processes and centralize your HR records online while syncing your employee data across multiple systems including communication, payroll, benefits, and PTO. 

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HR Technology Features

Fully-customizable, employee self-service HR technology for onboarding, benefits, compliance, and year-round communication.

New Hire and Termination

  • Customizable tasks for every business

  • Single entry for payroll, benefits, and PTO

  • Online new hire forms

  • Online payroll forms and tax documents

  • E-Sign agreements and company policies

  • Modernized safety and training

  • Paperless payroll and benefits enrollment

  • Terminations removed from benefits and payroll

  • Turnover Trend reports

ACA and Compliance

  • ACA Variable Hour Tracking

  • ACA Affordability Testing

  • Generate and send 1094/1095 reports

  • ACA reports e-filed to IRS

  • Automated COBRA notices

  • Terminations removed from benefits

  • Time and date stamped audit reports

  • Eliminate error-prone manual processes

HR Management

  • Streamlined employee management

  • Improved communication

  • Secure document storage

  • Automated compliance

  • Cloud-Hosted Personnel Files 

  • Online Company Directory

  • Annual review reminders

  • Demographic, hiring, and turnover trends

  • Integration with benefits and payroll

Benefits Administration

  • Paperless Benefit Enrollment

  • Personalized Plan Recommendations

  • Documents and resources

  • Deadline reminders

  • Life event management 

  • Data transferred to your insurance companies

  • Benefit and payroll reports

  • Benefit-cost forecasting

  • Insurance bill reconciliation

Reports and Data Integration

  • Data transferred to insurance companies

  • Connectivity to your payroll company

  • Connectivity to COBRA, HSA, and FSA

  • ACA reports e-filed to the IRS

  • Hundreds of customizable reports on employee trends, benefits, and financial data.

  • Download to Excel or PDF

  • Time and date stamped audit reports

Employee Experience

  • 24/7 Self-Service Portal

  • Personalized Home Page with To-Do List

  • Paperless Documents and Enrollment

  • Deadline Reminders

  • Online Documents, Policies, and Manuals

  • Modernized Training

  • Easy-to-understand videos and resources

  • Receive HR broadcasts by Department

  • Supervisor login to manage team members

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