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Serving as an extension of your Human Resources Team, we work with you to craft internal processes that fit your business.

Maximizing Efficiency. Minimizing Legwork.

Our Benefits and HR experts implement personalized strategies, technology, and processes, which are designed to lower costs, reduce risk, and improve engagement.

HR Consulting


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We provide the support your HR team needs through one-on-one consulting, resources, and tools.  

HR Support

  • Process Creation

  • Employee Handbook

  • Forms and Templates

  • Onboarding and Terminations

  • Advice from HR Experts

Employee Engagement

  • Wellness Contests and Incentives

  • Employee Surveys

  • Demographics and Turnover Analysis

  • Communication Portal

  • Annual Review Reminders

  • Practical Advice and Best Practices

Risk Reduction

  • Compliance Consulting

  • Proactive Tips and Real-Time Alerts

  • Audit Recommendations

  • Time and Date Stamped Technology

  • HR Toolkits  


  • Employee Benefits and Medicare

  • ACA



  • FMLA and Leaves of Absences

  • Legislative Briefs


Fully-Customizable HR Technology System 

Our technology automates compliance and centralizes HR records while syncing your employee data across multiple systems including communication, payroll, benefits, and PTO. 

Benefits Consulting


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Our award-winning benefits experts will design a program to meet your needs and budget while effectively communicating value to your team.  

Program Design

  • Market Review and Carrier Negotiations

  • Benefit Recommendations

  • Funding Options 

  • Voluntary Plans

  • Benchmarking Reports

  • Cost and Contribution Analysis

Employee Communication

  • "Know Your Benefits" Newsletters

  • Virtual Plan Coach

  • Employee Surveys

  • Self-Service HR and Benefits Portal

  • Videos, Summaries, Provider Links

  • Emailed Reminders on Deadlines

Risk Reduction

  • Claims Trends and Analysis

  • Managing Healthcare Costs

  • Pharmacy Management Tools

  • ACA Tracking and Affordability Testing

  • Audit Records in HR Technology

  • Three-Year Strategic Plan

Plan Management 

  • Onboarding and Terminations

  • Life Events

  • COBRA Management

  • Bill Reconcilation

  • Claims Resolution 

  • Single Point-of-Contact for Support

Employee Benefits Consulting

Are benefits getting too expensive? Are you burdened by administrative tasks? We can help!


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